Graphic design is a modern need in these days, all products depends on it. That is a value that can give you suitable place in the world of today. If you are graphic designer, you are right man for success, but only if you are capable of distinguishing things that you are planning to offer to client. We live in a modern jungle, and society is build up on individuality. Individuality is the difference between success and failure. When I’m speaking about individuality, I don’t mean about the fact that you are just subject who is trying to do something for himself. No, I think about values that every author should have and bring to the projects that he is involved in. Graphic design is art, not just profession, and art is something that is unique and deeply sensitive. Sensitivity is the right word. You have to sense what market industry needs, and what can you can give to that need.

Awesome-Web-DesignLike in any other part of visual art, market products, Minneapolis marketing, or any other kind of industry today, and in the past, creating a brand is primary goal. When it comes to graphic design, brand is what you are selling. Your art should become a brand by itself. Brand is what gives promise to a buyer or employer. Brand is the difference between greater level of success, and your priory education, hopes and potential.

Creating your own concept is not that easy, but is not impossible nether. It is all about creating your own philosophy that inspires actions, which includes all aspects of your individual artistic affinities. Your graphic design peace is your brand, your identity card. So, try to present yourself through painting for example. Paint who you are, or what you think you are. Create your visual alter ego who can speak for you, by himself. Collect all your training, educational experiences, skills and tray to connect them with your own artistic vision. Include your sensibility, visualize them and compose them trough your personality. Then you will be closer to your goal, and the goal is to become artist who has established himself as a brand – brand who gives promise for employer.


Like in any other live call or profession there are some questions that are not easy to answer. And that comes to all of us. But, those questions are the ones that drive us forward. Who you are as a designer?  Ask yourself. Try to find answer. Trough that path you will find the way. That question leads to another. How can I present myself and my work professionally? What can I do to express myself visually? How das other people perceive me and how do I want to be perceived? How can I find the key solutions? What kind of idea can help me to find point, point that I want so bad, point that will help me to be recognized, point which will help people to associate me with my work, point by which I’ll be remembered.